gscmxx tux


gscmxx: a gtk-frontend for scmxx

with gscmxx you can access your siemens mobile phone from your linux desktop.  
gscmxx is written in perl and uses gtk.

see Features for detailed information.

To use gscmxx you need:

scmxx          >= 0.6.x    (
perl           >= 5.005    (
Gtk-Perl       >= 0.7008   ( or
gtk+           >= 1.2.8    (
                           (not tested with Gtk 2.0)
Image::Size    >= 2.92     (
to view and upload bitmaps you might want to install
convert                    part of ImageMagic (


You can install gscmxx like every perl module / application.
Extract the tarball:
> tar zxf gscmxx-.tar.gz
> cd gscmxx-

Run perl install methods
> perl Makefile.PL 
> make 
> make test          (optional)
> make install

see INSTALL for more details.

Known Bugs:

see the bugtracking system or the mailinglist archive at the gscmxx project
website (

Many thanx to Hendrik Sattler <post (at) hendrik-sattler (dot) de> who wrote 
and maintains 'scmxx' the commandline tool for Siemens Mobile Phones.
He also is the maintainer of the debian package.

Thanx for testing and many good ideas and bugreports to Mario Di Raimondo 
<diraimondo (at) bigfoot (dot) com>, the first real user of gscmxx.
He maintains the italian translation.

Thanx for hungarian translations to Gabor Acs <gabor.acs (at) eds (dot) com>

gscmxx is licensed under the GPL.

* Markus 'Koppi' Koppenberger <koppi (at) weirdoz (dot) net>
	project founder Logo