gscmxx tux


To use gscmxx you need:

scmxx          >= 0.6.x    (
perl           >= 5.005    (
Gtk-Perl       >= 0.7008   ( or
gtk+           >= 1.2.8    (
                           (not tested with Gtk 2.0)
Image::Size    >= 2.92     (
to view and upload bitmaps you might want to install
convert                    part of ImageMagic (


You can install gscmxx like every perl module / application.
Extract the tarball:
> tar zxf gscmxx-.tar.gz

Change to the src directory
> cd gscmxx-

Run perl install methods
> perl Makefile.PL   (optional you may want to add a 'PREFIX=/path//to/install',
                      see below for details)
> make
> make test          (optional)
Become root, if you want to install into system directories (no PREFIX)
> make install

Installation with PREFIX:
PREFIX _must_ be a absolute path. you still may use '~' as this is expanded
to your home directory.

note for debian users:
on debian for local installation INSTALLDIRS=site is used, specifing a PREFIX
will result in installation into SITEPREFIX for the perl components of gscmxx
(that are gscmxx and and SITEPREFIX will be '$(PREFIX)/local'.
if you don't like that behavious a workaround is to specify INSTALLDIRS=vendor
(perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/path/to/install INSTALLDIRS=vendor) as it is used
for packaged perl modules.

If you have installed into PREFIX, you may want to add $PREFIX/bin to your PATH Logo