gscmxx tux


  + About your Phone:
      get information about your phone
      includes phone, sim card and network related information
      and information about available slots.

  + Phonebooks:
      retrieve from phone and save on phone
      edit and delete phonebook entries (also supports groups)
      search phonebook for a name
      sort by name, number or group
      save as file and import from file
      remove duplicate entries

  + Records:
      retrieve available record lists from your phone
      (e.g. Missed dialing numbers, last dialing numbers, ...)

  + SMS:
      retrieve received and sent SMS from your phone
      send SMS directly or just save it on your phone
      supports sending of flash-SMS (if phone supports it)
      send sms directly from phonebook or addressbook

  + Addressbook:
      retrieve addressbook from phone
      edit, delete and save entries
      save as file and import and restore from file
      save whole addressbook on phone
      search for a name
      sort by lastname, firstname, number, group
      save entry as vcard

  + Multimedia:
      - Bitmaps:
          retrieve from phone, will be displayed directly
          save on phone
          delete from phone
          save as file, import from file (supports many different formats)

      - Ringtones: (alpha)
         retrieve from phone
         save as file

  + Setting:
      - Edit Preferences:
         choose the scmxx binary, device and baudrate to use
         edit timeouts (important if you use irda, which is a little bit slow)
      - Language:
         gscmxx supports different language for the interface.
         there are translations for German, Italian and Hungarian available.
         (if you want to translate gscmxx into another language, just copy
         /usr/share/gscmxx/i18n/english to /usr/share/gscmxx/i18n/
         and edit this file, your language should be available in the Settings
         menu without recompiling gscmxx) Logo